A "Blаck Lotus" collectible card from Magic: The Gathering's first 1993 print run sold for a jaw-dropping $3 million, setting a new record as the most expensive Magic card ever purchased.

The private sale was brokered between Pristine Collectibles and an anonymous buyer. The "Alpha Blаck Lotus" card received a pristine Pristine 10 grade from respected grading company CGC Cards. "Its sky-high price demonstrates the high value collectors place on CGC Cards' Pristine 10 grade," CGC Cards commented on their Instagram unveiling the record sale.

Black Lotus cardImage: instagram.comThe "Black Lotus" is one of Magic's rarest and most coveted cards due to the limited print run of the 1993 inaugural set. However, the $3 million price tag stunned even diehard collectors. The previous record price for a Magic: The Gathering card was around $500,000. This latest deal shattered that by over 6 times, underscoring the cult card game's insane popularity in the collectibles market.

Main image: Ensiplay