The release date for the anime Terminator Zero was announced by journalists from Entertainment Weekly, who managed to speak with the creators of the show. Its release will take place on August 29 on Netflix.

The action of the sci-fi thriller will unfold in Japan in 1997 — on the eve of Judgment Day, which is about to be triggered by the insane artificial intelligence "Skynet." The series will feature completely new characters for the franchise, and the Connor family members will not be present.

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The anime is being produced by Production I.G studio, with Mattson Tomlin in charge of the storyline — he is also working on the sequel to Matt Reeves' "The Batman" and the adaptation of the comic BRZRKR.

The writer stated that he wants to tell the story of multiple generations of characters in Terminator Zero in the spirit of "The Godfather" trilogy. However, additional seasons will be needed for this.

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All eight episodes of the series will be available for viewing simultaneously.

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