According to a recent leak, developers are gearing up for the start of the 14th season, during which a part of the map that has been in the game for over 10 years will be removed.

Leaker SkinSpotlights noticed an intriguing detail in a new video from one of Riot's art companies, showcasing a new Coven protégé. Some details on the map differ from the regular Summoner’s Rift in League.

Among the changes, SkinSpotlights pointed out that the river has become wider, and the Baron pit has vanished on the mini-map.

From the mini-map, it's evident that the usual area around the Baron icon no longer has a wall shielding the pit from the red jungles. This implies that the buff may now be exposed.

Furthermore, there's a possibility that Baron Nashor might be radically altered to compensate for the map updates (if the developers indeed introduce them).

These changes have not been officially confirmed, so they might be canceled or not implemented. However, at this moment, League players will be keenly following updates to see how the map turns out.

Main image: YouTube