In LoL, players often demonstrate their mastery in battles with champions, employing various methods. However, despite this, Riot Games considers the existing level insufficient, committing to exploring improvements that will assist players in 2024. 

The developer shared that they aim to enhance the Champion Mastery system, aspiring to provide more substantial rewards to players who invest time and effort in a single champion. 

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Currently, players accumulate experience by participating in matches, along with mastery points specific to the champion they choose. 

Upon reaching certain milestones, players unlock higher mastery levels, such as Executioner and Deathmaster, requiring a large number of points and S tokens, awarded for exceptional results. 

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Although the current system has been in place for several years, some players have long reached the highest levels with their main champions. In 2022, Riot Games introduced Eternals as a new dimension for showcasing mastery, focusing on specific in-game statistics. However, Eternals did not achieve the expected success, and unlike the free mastery levels, it requires payment.

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