One of the highest-rated game adaptations will receive its sequel next year. The premiere of the second season of the animated series "Arcane", which is based on the world of LoL, is expected to take place in the second half of 2024. Riot Games and the creators of the animated show have remained silent so far, but one of the insiders has already voiced quite precise terms for the release of new episodes.

The information about the second season of "Arcane" was shared by the insider MyTimeToShineHello, who specializes in leaks from Netflix (the post was deleted from "X").

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According to his data, the service does not impose any deadlines, in this regard, the creators of the animated series are completely free. Nevertheless, this summer they informed the Netflix management that they plan to release the sequel in the fall of 2024, so that the service could prepare an advertising campaign for promotion.

It is reported that the broadcast of the second season will start in mid-November 2024. As with the first season, viewers will receive three episodes each week dedicated to a specific story arc. The insider also added that a teaser for the new episodes could appear by the end of this year, if Riot does not change its plans.

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This spring, the CEO of Riot Games, Nicolo Laurent, complained about the high bar set by the series' creators — because of it, the production of the sequel is taking much longer than it could have been. The project's creators want to outdo themselves, but doing so will be challenging.

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