League of Legends has been a major force in gaming and esports for 14 years, eight of which were under the leadership of Jeremy "Brightmoon" Lee.

Lee guided the game through numerous iterations and witnessed the expansion of the LoL landscape thanks to map changes, limited game modes, and additional products.

LoLImage credit: Yahoo

Now, Lee has announced that after several years of leading LoL, he is stepping down from his role as executive producer. However, this does not mean he is done with Riot.

This year has been a kind of whirlwind. The progress we've made as a team, and most importantly, what we've been able to provide for you, has been very fulfilling. And so, I've decided that now is the right time to step away from my current role.
Jeremy "Brightmoon" Lee 

Lee reported that he is ready to hand over his responsibilities to a new executive producer for LoL. However, Riot has not yet announced his successor, as they are still searching for the right candidate.

I am very optimistic that we will soon have a wonderful leader to introduce to you.