The start of a new season is always a strange time for playing LoL. Massive changes in maps and items mean that for several weeks, every player will be relearning important parts of the game. As you've probably guessed, 2024 is no exception.

Some of the novelties are already attracting attention, but not in a positive sense. Mage items have undergone the most significant changes among all damage types, and with the disappearance of mythical items, nothing prevents AP characters from creating as many of them as they want.

LoLImage credit: Riot Games

One of these items is Stormsurge, which provides a massive area detonation, and the reworked Shadowflame, which allows for execution by AP and true damage.

The power of these items means that the number of assassins and explosive mages in the 2024 League is rapidly growing, making it unpleasant to play against them.

Here's what a Reddit user writes about this.

LoLImage credit: Reddit

Another player suggested that Stormsurge should have an indicator due to the unpredictability of the damage it deals, writing:

Delayed damage is quite annoying if you don't know exactly how much of the enemy's health bar it's going to take away. This applies both to the one dealing the damage and the one suffering it.

Main image by ensiplay