Riot Games aimed to provide more casual gaming mode options with non-ranked alternatives. Among these are Quick Play and Draft Pick, which share similar gameplay features but differ in character selection processes.

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Quick Play is the most relaxed mode in the game. However, despite its intended casual appeal, players have expressed dissatisfaction with its implementation, describing their user experience as terrible. Quick Play replaced the "Blind Pick" mode, where players could not see the opposing team's choices, eliminating the strategic element of planning against the opponent's team composition. 

Quick Play allows players to pre-select their champion, role, skin, and runes, simplifying the champion selection process for a more relaxed interaction.

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Criticism was directed at the user experience of Quick Play, particularly in the areas of equipment selection and setup. There were also many comments highlighting issues such as missing Mythic chromas, incorrect Summoner Spells, and rune resets.

Quick Play is a newly released mode that is still being tested by Riot Games. Hopefully, it will improve in the future, and players will no longer describe their user experience in this mode as terrible.

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