Riot Games not only showcased a snippet from the second season of "Arcane", but also revealed plans for the development of League of Legends in 2024. For instance, a beloved character from the first season of the show will be added to the game.

Starting with Arcane, the premiere of the second season is scheduled for November 2024. By then, developers will prepare thematic changes in gameplay, fresh skins, and much more. Additionally, a playable version of Ambessa Medarda — a powerful woman who is Mel's mother — will be introduced.

Riot emphasized that after changes to the ranking system in 2023, the quality of matches has improved. However, the visible rank range has significantly increased. In Silver level games, players with Platinum ranks sometimes appeared. In 2024, specialists intend to fine-tune the system to make this less frequent. Moreover, the game will better distinguish newcomers from smurfs. These changes will take effect starting January 10th.

The studio has been working on updating Skarner for a long time. Later, Riot will refresh Shyvana. The release of her update is planned for 2025.

The new champion will be the dragon Smolder with a "marksman" role. He is intended to be a simple marksman, as all previous heroes in this class turned out to be too complex to master.

After Smolder, a Vastaya mage for a solo line with medium attack range will be released in the Rift.

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Developers will remove the limitation on the number of mastery ranks.

In the first half of the year, the "Arena" mode will return with improvements. Developers will adjust balance and gameplay, add new maps and augmentations, and increase the number of teams from four to. Later, Riot will reveal details of another mode, which will offer more relaxed gameplay.

Also, League of Legends will introduce Vanguard — a program to combat cheaters and bots, operating at the core level of the operating system. Some may be familiar with Vanguard from Valorant.

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In the first half of the year, prestigious skins will be awarded to Rakan, Ezreal, Kindred, Evelynn, and Kayle.

There are also changes in the esports component of LoL. In 2024, at least three slots at the World Championship will be given to the following regions: Europe, North America, South Korea, and China. The winner of the Mid-Season Invitational will receive an additional spot for their region at the World Championship.

MSI-2024 will take place from May 1st to 19th in Chengdu, China. The World Championship will be held in Europe from September 24th to November 2nd: preliminary stage matches will occur in Berlin, while the quarterfinals and semifinals will be organized in Paris.

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