The developers spare no effort when it comes to the aesthetic aspects of LoL, ranging from character splash arts and champion themes to animated music videos, emotes, and icons.

With each event or update, Riot introduces new emotes and icons. Some of these are tied to specific skins, while others are created as an experiment to gauge player reactions.

The recent leak of the Dragonmancer skins has stirred excitement, and now, accompanying those skins, are the upcoming icons for Rakan, Vayne, Kassadin, and Fiora, all adorned in Dragon-themed glory.

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These icons showcase a distinct focus on Ionian and Void champions, featuring characters like Tristana, Rakan, Fiora, Kassadin, Vayne, and Rakan, each associated with their Dragonmancer skins. Riot has also crafted icons for Void champions, including Malzahar, Cho’gath, Bel’veth, Kog’maw, Rek’sai, and Velkoz.

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Players can look forward to festive emotes like T1 and Prestige Dragonmancer Rakan. They might be interested in the T1 emote. All icons and emotes will be available in the shop for 250 RP.

Event icons may appear in the mythic shop for 5 mythic essences per icon and 25 mythic essences for the prestigious Dragonmancer Rakan emote.

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The new icons and emotes will appear in the 14.1 update, which is set to release on January 9, 2024.

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