The 2023 ranked season will end on January 9, and players will have about a month to earn rewards and ranked rewards before the start of the 2024 season on January 10.

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Rewards for the highest honor in LoL Split 2: Akshan’s skin with three rewards: for players who have reached the highest honor rank, this year's victorious skin is Akshan with three rewards. The prestigious skin will be awarded to players with honor level 5 in the 14.2 update, which will be released at the end of January.

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Ranked rewards for LoL Split 2: Victorious Tryndamere: initially, Riot did not plan a unique ranked skin for the mid-year split. However, they later decided to create it, although it will be released with a slight delay in February. The look for Split 2 ranking rewards is "Victorious Tryndamere", which will appear in the 14.4 update. The skin matches Tryndamere’s playstyle, focused on tower diving and critical strikes.

Riot stated that the next developer update will be released in 2024. Developers will share additional plans for the upcoming year. After an eventful 2023, Riot seems focused on further improving LoL and providing players with new experiences.

The 2023 season is soon coming to an end, so be sure to play ranked and demonstrate positive behavior to get a chance to earn exclusive honor and ranked skins. Victorious Tryndamere will be a reward worth aiming for at the beginning of 2024.

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