Riot Games is blending K-pop and gaming once again, introducing the new sensation — HEARTSTEEL. Let's see what this fresh boy band brings to the Rift.

Following the huge hit with K/DA, Riot Games drops the male counterpart named HEARTSTEEL. HEARTSTEEL represents an alternative universe lineup in League of Legends, dedicated to the band of the same name.

Riot dropped a trailer, running a solid one and a half minutes, showcasing the swanky looks of the HEARTSTEEL members.

The trailer nails Riot's signature production quality, featuring close-ups of the six dudes in action. Each lad comes with a quirky fact card —  like Ezreal's "always running out of phone storage".

Each of these dudes will hit the Epic tier, except for Kayn, who's gonna rock the Legendary spot. That's gonna tweak the price tags. Let's break down the in-game price list for these new skins:

  • Ezreal (Epic) —  1350 RP;
  • Aphelios (Epic) —  1350 RP;
  • Sett (Epic) —  1350 RP;
  • K'Sante (Epic) —  1350 RP;
  • Kayn (Legendary) —  1820 RP;
  • Yone (Prestige) —  2000 Tokens.

These fresh HEARTSTEEL skins are set to drop in the LoL 13.22 update. Scheduled for November 8th, they'll hit the shop shortly after.

Will the band match up to K/DA's fame? Time will tell. But their debut track? It's undoubtedly a banger.

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