Gamers' concerns about AFKs have reached a breaking point. They are fed up with the fact that they are ruining LoL. Riot Games has no choice but to address the issue. The company is considering changing the loss compensation system in League of Legends matches after numerous complaints. Users are experiencing issues with ranked losses and significant LP losses despite early AFKs or crashes affecting tournaments.

Designer Jordan "BarackProbama" Checkman revealed Riot's plans for loss mitigation adjustments.

League of LegendsImage credit: Reddit

Teams that are hurt get lower LPs than teams that just lost. However, if a player AFKs at the start, the difference in gold is so small that the algorithm feels the side without a player still has a chance to win.

In addition, Riot Games has taken care of player bans. The developers have banned more than 25.000 accounts. Users were banned for using scripting tools.

League of LegendsImage credit: Riot Games 

Gamers were asked to report unscrupulous players who use these tools. The decision to ban the offenders only caused a positive reaction from honest players.

Main image: Riot Games