Riot Games has taken away a slot in the Vietnam VCS franchise league from the SBTC Esports team. The team violated the rules of the tournament. The company and representatives of the championship published their decision on their social networks.

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Now SBTC Esports doesn't have the right to take part in games within the VCS. In addition, they won't be able to sell their slot, only give it away. Club Trana founder Duke Cuonga has been permanently banned from championships by Riot Games and players won't be able to participate for 3 years. Club founder Trần Đức Cường and SBTC Esports coach and manager weren't banned. 

The reason for such a harsh punishment wasn't officially announced. However, league officials revealed that the team's players were involved in organizing fake matches and betting.

The team's roster includes:

SBTC Esports secured a slot in Vietnam's VCS franchise league in 2020. In the 2023 season, the team finished second in the spring split and also competed for a slot in the summer split Playoffs and an invitational to the 2023 World Championship.