Riot Games is gearing up to release a full update of LoL bots in the new year. Darcy "DashiJador" Ludington was pleased with the results of the bot beta tests conducted in September and October. Ludington hinted at a potential full launch of the improved bots at the beginning or middle of 2024. 

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We may soon see bots adapting to more advanced MOBA mechanics. "DashiJador" mentioned that the team is still working on how bots interact with many map minions, particularly referencing the champions' ability to "manage" the new Rift Herald. 

The prospect of a bot rodeo in 2024 adds an exciting dimension, enriching the experience for new players. Interacting with bots has long been on the wish lists of LoL gamers. Many users utilize player vs. AI matches to learn game mechanics. 

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As a result, the Riot development team has been working diligently to bring the bots up to class and configure them to better learn the map and show players how to play LoL correctly. 

An August blog post laid out the team's plans, including training bots on important game mechanics such as jungle bots, ganks, and executing map objectives to ease new players into the game. 

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