Riot Games released the League of Legends Season 2024 cinematic video, featuring some of the game's most legendary champions.

Fans of League of Legends remember how last season's cinematic trailer turned out to be a fiasco. In 2024, Riot Games decided to make a comeback and, apparently, the company managed to please its fans.

The developers release a colorful trailer every year in January to mark the start of the new season in their MOBA game. This tradition began in 2018, but in 2023 someone had the idea to cut costs on the video. That time, the studio received a heap of negative comments. Under the new cinematic, one can see many positive reviews.

The introduction to the League season starts with Freljord barbarian Tryndamere, falling in battle against his enemies. Then we see sisters Kayle and Morgana fighting against darkin Aatrox, after which Morgana demonstrates her magical abilities, binding him with chains. Kayle showers him with righteous fire. But the events do not stop there, as the video runs for more than four minutes. If you want to know more, then you should definitely watch this video.

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