Riven is known for having one of the highest skill floor. Mastering her requires significant time and effort. Despite the difficulties and high skill cap, Riven's win rate fluctuates around 48%, and her pick rate is about 2.5% across all ranks.

Over the past few years, significant transformations have occurred in the game: a complete overhaul of items and Drake has changed the core meta. These changes have complicated the situation for Riven.

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The developers recognize the need for change and strive to correct the current state of Riven. The challenge lies in maintaining the complexity of her kit, while ensuring viability for those who spend many hours mastering her.

Riot aims to avoid rendering the time spent one-tricking her obsolete due to new changes. The essence of the matter is to restore Riven's uniqueness among the changing landscape of new champions and item interactions, thereby satisfying her dedicated fans.

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In conclusion, the champion is currently in an awkward position, but Riot assures players that she has not been forgotten. Expect significant changes in the near future, as developers wish to strike a balance between maintaining the character's complexity and bringing back individuality to the game.

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