The sixth season of Overwatch 2 is set to begin on August 10th, 2023. Blizzard released a trailer detailing the upcoming season and announced anniversary events. 

We previously reported that Overwatch 2 will introduce a new hero named Illari. She is designed to support teammates. However, details about a new character are still unknown. 

The game director Aaron Keller stated that all previous mistakes will be fixed this time. In the last season, the characters were interesting but not sufficiently powerful. This time around, things will be different. 

Additionally, the developers shared an event schedule on Twitter:

  • The Kings Row: Underworld event will start on August 10th and continue until September 5th.
  • Three modes from previous events will return, and players will have the chance to earn unique cosmetics starting from September 19th.

Starting from September 5th, players can expect a new mode called Hero Mastery, in which they'll face solo challenges on specific arenas. Three new maps will be introduced, along with the PvP mode Flashpoint, new cosmetics, and PvE quests available for separate purchase. 

A new player progression system will be introduced. Don't worry, your earned rewards won't be reset; instead, they'll be integrated into this new system to facilitate further in-game development. 

Overwatch 2Image credit: YouTube

Damage calculation for armor will also change. Now, armor damage reduction is additive in relation to other sources of damage reduction and takes into account 50%. 

Keller also mentioned that they will closely monitor players' feedback, listen to user opinions, and promptly implement improvements. 

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