Fans of the iconic Overwatch game are actively discussing the lack of special Doomfist skins for past owners of The Gauntlet artifact. In the first part of the game, developers hinted at the rich history of this artifact, showing its evolution from a simple gauntlet to a massive cybernetic bracer. Fans theorized that the armor possessed its own mind and subjugated its wearer.

Overwatch DoomfistImage: The current Doomfist is the third known owner of the relic after The Savior, who saved Numbani during the Omnic Crisis, and the mysterious Scourge. However, Blizzard has yet to introduce skins styled after these characters.

Fans point out that for other heroes, such as Reinhardt, developers created crossover skins from other Blizzard universes, even changing the character's face. Therefore, the absence of previous Doomfist appearances seems like a strange oversight, depriving the game of part of its rich history.

The community hopes that in future Overwatch 2 updates, Blizzard will fill this gap, allowing players to recreate the looks of the legendary owners of The Gauntlet.

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