Popular Chinese technology and entertainment conglomerate Tencent along with Riot Games may release an animated adaptation of shooter Valorant. Such rumors are circulating on the Internet, which came from a X (ex-Twitter) post by a prominent insider under the nickname KINGDOM LABORATORIES writing about Valorant.

He said that work on the movie is already underway and that it will be released in 2025. Fans of the universe will be able to see the trailer as early as October 13, 2024. He also noted that the style of the project will be different from Arcane, but will retain similarities to Valorant's past cinematic trailers.

YouTube already has a timer up to the trailer's release. Only 400+ days to wait.

Considering how much success Arcane has achieved, we have no doubts that Tencent and Riot Games will release a decent product if the rumors are true. It will be a gift for fans of the game as well as fans of good movies.

Main image: rare-gallery.com