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📣 NEW PRINT 📣 Triss now available in my shop... 188 7 months ago
Triss | The Witcher 🔥Do you prefer The Witcher series,... 75 7 months ago
🔥AND SAY SOMETHING NICE🔥 1 or 2 pic? I’m I... 325 8 months ago
🔥HOLD ME🔥 1, 2 or 3 pic?After two years I... 305 9 months ago
Hey Witcher, would you care joining for a drink? 😉❤️‍🔥A... 278 10 months ago
Want to play Witcher again one day:) Did some of... 63 1 year ago
Does it look like I am without hand? XD Triss... 61 1 year ago
👉👉👉Does it matter that she is dangerous and toxic if... 27 1 year ago
Tell me who is your real waifu?! One of my... 98 1 year ago
As I see, you liked my idea of such results... 114 1 year ago
Throwback to my #trissmerigold shoot for #selfiesunday! The Witcher always... 16 1 year ago
🔥REDHEAD MONTH🔥Lingerie Triss or Costume?One day left to grab all... 197 1 year ago
Although I'm burning like flame and shining like a lonely... 23 1 year ago
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