Sad story

Made by two developers from Canada in the RPG Maker, the game tells the story of the author who receives a note that the love of his life marries another on the other side of the country. Before the wedding, there is a month, and at this time the player needs to get to the opposite part of the country and return his love. In addition, the main hero was overtaken by the creative crisis and couldn't finish the manuscript of his book. The landlord adds trouble too by expelling him from the apartment for debts.

Key Features

The game continues for 30 virtual days, for which the main character needs to solve one task. How - is the choice of the player. Most decisions made influence the further development of the story, each completion can be unique because the goals can be achieved in different ways. In the game, not only the plot is the non-standard for the genre but also the combat system, which is simply not there. Instead, the game offers the player to understand the relationship of in-game characters and build emotional connections with them. The game has a fairly elaborate character customization system: you can adjust the gender, age, sexual orientation. In addition to the cosmetic effect, it affects how the main character will react in the virtual world.

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