Anachronox is a third-person role-playing game developed by Ion Storm.


Apparently, 300 years before the events of the game, a planet with alien technology was discovered. More of these planets were later found and called Senders, as they sent multiple interplanetary ships through the galaxy. Every Sender later became a center of space trade. In the center of the known universe, there is the biggest Sender that ever existed in which Anachronox is placed. It is thought that Anachronox was the homeworld for millions of aliens.

Sly Booty lives in a cheap flat in the south of Anachronox. He is attacked by several mysterious agents and is later recruited by a mad scientist.

It should be noted, that the developers were only able to make a half of the game, as its story was to be told in its expansion pack that never got released.


The game was heavily inspired by Chrono Trigger. However, the character development and inventory management were streamlined and the game focused on the world exploration and the world's story building. The game's protagonist, Sly Booty travels through the galaxy to uncover the mystery of the creation of the universe encountering many characters on his path. Most of these characters can be recruited into your party.

The players can upgrade Sly's abilities and skills, as well as his inventory.

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