Create, Play and Share the Voids of Your Wildest DreamsBlue Fire's 3D action-adventure platforming keeps growing in the new Blue Fire: Void Maker!
But this time, it's all up to you. Discover the Void Maker, a full fledged 3D platforming level creator flooded with tools, assets, and so many options that open up a world of endless possibilities. Connect with other players, share your creations, browse, search and filter through the many levels to play the wildest Voids you could ever imagine!
Void Maker
Use a vast number of tools and assets to unleash your creativity and make all sorts of interesting and original 3D platforming levels!
Share your Creations
Share your Voids, gather feedback and perfect them. Challenge your friends, rivals and the community to defeat your Void!
Prove your worth
Search, filter and choose from community-made Voids and prove your strength by mastering the best, most interesting and most challenging Voids made by others.
Think outside the Void
The wide arsenal of tools, assets, visual, gameplay modes and options will allow you to create unique and very original ideas that expand outside of the core Blue Fire gameplay!
Hardcore Platforming
Leap through deadly traps and master movement to navigate gradually demanding platforming challenges.
Completely FREE no strings attached
We love our community and want it to grow, so we've decided to release Void Maker completely FREE!

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