In Bound, the player takes on the role of a dancing lady in a surreal imaginary world.


The game serves as a metaphor for pregnancy. The frame story explains that the game is set in a world imagined by a pregnant woman who fantasizes about being a princess in another world. This princess is the main protagonist, and she follows the quest her mother Queen gave her. There's a monster that tries to destroy the Queen's kingdom. The character's goal is to find a way to defeat the monster.


In the prologue, the player controls the pregnant woman in the real world. In the main game, the player assumes the role of the dancing princess. Her movements, such as jumps and rolls, resemble that of ballet dancers and gymnasts. Most of the game consists of the protagonist navigating the world, jumping platforms, walking tightropes and climbing, with few occasional fights. An Edge Guard system ensures that the protagonist cannot fall from most platforms. At the few selected locations, the protagonist can fall to her death and respawn.


Bound features a notably colorful and surreal visual style. The environment around the protagonist consists of geometric shapes that change in constant motion. Locations often reflect certain aspects in the life of the frame story protagonist. The game is set to electronic ambient music.

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