Bridge Constructor is a physics-based simulation-puzzle game, the first installment in Bridge Constructor series.


The game consists of 64 levels in six different settings. In each of them, your goal is to build a bridge that would support the weight of the traffic.
The game’s physics engine considers many laws of physics. There are four types of materials: weak and cheap wood, expensive and robust steel, flexible cables and concrete pillars. Some levels do not allow using all of them. Your bridge must not only be durable enough but also fit in a budget given to you on every level. If vehicles destroy parts of your bridge, these parts are highlighted in red, so you can easily see on your next attempt. The levels differ in the initial layout of objects and the ravine shape. Each level has three difficulty levels that are represented by types of vehicles driving over your bridge: Car, Truck and Tank Truck. Some levels have additional objects.

Versions differences

The Steam version of the game includes SlopeMania, a full-sized add-on that features new levels, settings and game mechanics.