Bunker Builder Simulator: Prologue is just part of the gameplay that awaits you in the full version of the game.

Acquire contracts, build, equip and decorate bunkers in this engaging builder. Observe your projects coming alive to provide safety and comfort to your clients!

Dig a hole! Most of your contracts will take place in clients gardens. Building a bunker will require providing a stable foundation made with your chosen materials. Durability of your whole project will depend on that choice.

The game will provide many tools you will be able to use to accomplish your work efficiently. You will have to cut, weld, plaster, and those are just a few of the tasks awaiting you. In time you will acquire better tools that will allow for faster work, which means taking more contracts and getting rich quicker!

You will get access to a wide array of items to fulfill your customers needs. Furniture, armature, kitchen appliances, boardgames and many, many more.

Build bunkers that will ensure safety from any danger!