EarthX is a relaxing family-friendly spaceflight company management game, where you launch rockets. A lot of them.Your Space Company⠀

In EarthX, you are responsible for managing your own space company. Sign contracts, build new rockets, and launch payloads into space!Make Your Rockets Bigger⠀

Launching loads of payloads to space requires massive rockets and a high launch cadence. Investing in new technology will bring great rewards in the future.

Recover your rockets and reuse them to save money and time. If that’s not enough, you can also catch the fairings!

If you're too lazy to do research, remember that you can always simply make your rockets bigger. Just like that.Stay In Space⠀

The crew of the International Space Station needs your help! Resupply them regularly with food, science experiments, and new equipment. Eventually, you might even start launching your own astronauts to the station!Run LinkLink⠀⠀

Use your fleet of rockets to launch thousands of LinkLink satellites to space - giving millions of people access to the internet while earning you millions of dollars per day!Beyond Earth⠀

Sooner or later, spaceships will allow you to bring humans and cargo to other planets, from which you can start your own bases and colonies!

Produce dozens of nuclear bombs and throw them at the poles of Mars to heat it up. One day, the planet might start to look like Earth!
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