Final Fantasy VIII is a Japanese role-playing game, the eight main installments in Final Fantasy series.

Plot and setting

Like most other Final Fantasy entries, the game takes place in an entirely new world that is not connected with previous games in the series. It can be described as the mix of modern Europe and futuristic setting with high fantasy influences. The game follows six main heroes, five of which are members of the elite military organization called SeeD, on their quest to defeat Ultimecia, an evil sorceress who wishes to compress time. Like its predecessor, Final Fantasy VII, the game heavily focuses on its story, characters and game world exposure.


The gameplay of Final Fantasy VIII shares many similarities with other JRPGs of that era. The player can explore the overworld, visit different locations such as town, settlements, forests, interact with NPCs and fight numerous types of monsters in turn-based battles.
While the world exploration aspect, for the most part, is similar to that of the previous game, the battle system has several notable differences. The combat in the game is centered on Junction system that allows the player to junction summoned monsters known as Guardian Forces to platy members. That gives characters the ability to use various magic, alter their stats and draw spells from enemies during the battles. Because of the system’s flexibility regarding character customization, the game is absent of job system typical for the series.

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