Floating Point is a free casual game consisting of hooking onto platforms suspended both in the air and underwater in a 2D environment.


Floating Point has a simple gameplay. The players aim to use a grappling hook to swing themselves, fight gravity, avoid obstacles and get through several areas; each one is generated randomly.
If the players dash down beneath the water, they have to fight buoyancy to go deeper into the liquid. The main difficulty is that the players have to withstand weightlessness or buoyancy to swing themselves further into the area. Another purpose is to collect points. The players' points are increased when they swing swiftly and efficiently; when they fly through the area without hitting anything.

Key features

The movements which let the player fly through the area form a special source of energy. Then the protagonist starts to glow, the bars he's collecting rise up. When they do, the music rises, and the player's trajectory burns a bright red line in the air. Each line acquires big mathematical curves of the arcing flight. If the protagonist doesn't fall during the flight, the collectible bars in the level get more relevant and grow taller, so they’re easier to tap. Gradually the area's appearance changes, receiving a special heat signature.

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