Gran Turismo Sport is a racing game developed by Polyphony Digital. It is the 13th game in the franchise.


Like the previous games of the series, no story mode is present in Gran Turismo Sport. Three modes are available to the players: Sports, Arcade, and Campaign.

Sports mode allows the players to compete with each other online. Polyphony Digital puts a heavy emphasis on the addition of the official FIA Championships set of rules. The players are offered a wide range of events, competitions, and tournaments to participate in. The Sports mode is region locked in order to provide the best experience with as less network lag possible.

In Arcade mode, the players participate in events they choose on whichever vehicle available in the game against AI opponents. Usual races, Time trials, Drift trials, and two-player split-screen game modes are available to the players.

The game's Campaign mode is a classic GT experience. The players have to obtain licenses, buy used cars at first and participate in small championships on their way to the best racing leagues of the world.

Gran Turismo Sport features 177 vehicles for the players to use. The game has vehicles from all their history, starting with the first car ever produced, Ford Model T.

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