Gun Metal is a futuristic first-person shooter developed by Rage Software. It was released on different dates in different geographical regions.


The game's core story revolves around a human colony on the distant planet of Helios. Extra-terrestrial entities invade the planet, causing the planet-wide mobilization of its armed forces. The player controls a soldier, who is sent to repel the alien attack in his trusty mech suit.


The game combines both a shooter and an aerial combat simulator.

The mech that is controlled by the player is developed as part of a Gunmetal project. These mechs stand twelve meters tall in their default configuration and are equipped with numerous weapons and force fields, that absorb an enormous amount of damage.

Upon transformation, the mech becomes a modern reactive hypersound plane, similar to the American F-22 Raptor series of combat planes, that is equipped with a set of advanced sci-fi weaponry, including napalm, impulse cannons, harpoons, and ballistic rockets, yet it loses the ability of using its force field, thus rendering the plane mode much less sustainable to damage.

The players can choose the set or armament that is installed on their mech, with 12 weapons present in the game. Each weapon has its own up's and down's hence why it is necessary to pick them carefully.

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