Eat your veggies!
The lost episode of PC platforming legend Commander Keen hits Steam with this updated version for modern systems.
Billy Blaze, eight-year old genius, has just returned home after saving Earth from the Vorticons only to be confronted with a dinner made up of broccoli, Brussels sprouts and mashed potato. Having chosen to eat ice-cream instead, he finds himself besieged that night by horrible dreams full of living vegetables. The evil King Boobus Tuber has been trapping kids in the nightmarish land of Tuberia, where Tater Troopers patrol and Tomateeth are on the prowl. Trapped in his pijamas — with neither his Vorticon hyperpistol nor trusty pogo-stick for company — Commander Keen must destroy the Dream Machine and return the "sweet" to "sweet dreams".
This updated version includes:
Fullscreen and Windowed modes
Both the EGA and CGA graphics from the original game
Steam Achievements
Score and Time-trial leaderboards
Cloud saves
Now go get 'em, Commander Keen!