Create your own guild of adventurers, and specialize each one into unique classes!
Every character serves a purpose! Your miner will get ores, for your smithy to make into armor! Your DPS main can use those equips to defeat monsters, and progress your entire guild forward in the wordl! More gameplay systems are unlocked as you continue progressing!
Each class grants a permanent 'family' bonus to all your characters, which only grows stronger every time that class levels up!
Experiment with weird builds -- How about a full LUK strat to get a high % drop rate, so you can farm bosses for rare drops to use on other characters?
Love MMO's for the grind? I've got you covered!
- Destroy maps full of monsters, complete quests, fight daily bosses, and micromanage all your characters for maximum efficiency!
Too busy to play all day? I've got you covered!
- Your characters will continue their tasks after you leave! You'll get less gains, but will make steady progress!
An MMO cake with idle icing!
- At its core, this game is similar to traditional MMOs. While idle-game fans will feel right at home, don't be dissuaded if you're not an idler! Expect a welcoming experience -- not one with confusing, complex charts and graphs!

Explore a world full of unique NPCs, monsters, and secrets!
- Over 40 different NPCs, that give out 135 unique quests! Maybe you'll have to kill monsters without equipment on, or help a piggy reach 1M social media followers (that last one will make more sense in game)
- 70 different locations, spread out across different scenery -- Jungles, forests, deserts, oceans, sewers, caves, and quite a few others!
No corporate business practices!
- Made by just 1 guy, so there are no stockholder expectations to meet, and no ludicrous CEO bonuses to pay! I don't have to rely on scummy practices to pay off unnecessary business expenses -- and instead, I can just focus on making a pure gaming experience, with monthly updates to spice things up!
- With an active discord of 20,000 users, I place a huge importance on player feedback. Weekly polls and custom suggestions drive the direction of the game, so you can rest assured this game will always be for gamers, made by a gamer!

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