Men of War is a World War II-themed real-time tactics game. It is the third installment in Best Way’s Men of War series.


The game takes places in World Word II. It describes the lesser-known event of the war. The game single-player consists of nineteen missions divided into three campaigns: Soviet, German and Allied Forces.


In each mission, your goal is to complete some military objectives. You control a group of soldiers.
In most missions, you cannot train new troops (although it is frequently available in multiplayer) so you have to save as much of them as possible. The game’s main feature is a realistic rendition of warfare. Each soldier has a personal inventory and has a limited quantity of ammunition. The game features numerous types of controllable vehicles. All of them require a certain amount of soldiers to operate depending on the vehicle’s type and size. The game’s physics engine aims to simulate a realistic object’s behavior. Thus, shooting different parts of vehicles leads to different malfunctions in it.
Most of the environments in Men of War are destructible. Each unit in the game can be controlled both as a part of a group or directly. Aside from single-player the game also features several multiplayer modes such as Battlezones, Frontlines, Combat, Valuable Cargo, Capture the Flag and Cooperative.

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