Indie genre is getting bigger and stronger every day and one of the most successful and desired by fans sub-genres of indies – pixel art is evolving too. This genre is dedicated to those players who feel deep nostalgia while thinking about old memories connected to playing classic video games on systems such as (S)NES or Sega. Mercenary Kings is one of those games which brings nostalgia at its fullest. For the most part, this is the re-imagining of old and classic game called Metal Slug. It is a side-scrolling 2D-action game made by Tribute Games company. In Mercenary Kings you can run, jump, crouch and roll but most importantly – you have to shoot. And shoot a lot. There are about 100 missions in the game, also you can play it with three of your friends in local co-op mode. There is main hub where the player has to prepare for missions before going out. Also, there are boss battles, hostage rescues and item collection. Enemies when killed drop loot with witch player can upgrade his or her weapons. This is simple yet addicting and fun game for those who search for something nostalgic.