Pinball FX 2 is a traditional pinball game with a lot of adjustable options and an online multiplayer.


The basic rules of the game are exactly the same as for any pinball simulator. The player launches the ball to a diagonal table and watches as it randomly bounces back and forth. The player can only control the flippers in the lower part of the screen and uses them to prevent the ball from falling off the table. The goal is to hit certain elements with the ball to achieve a higher score before the ball falls off. Different tables have different layouts and may introduce additional rules, such as a player losing part of the score every time he or she loses the ball.


There are more than 70 tables in Pinball FX 2. Some of them are available from the start, and some can be downloaded for free, while others the player has to purchase. Each table has a theme to its design, such as Biolab, Buccaneer, or a popular franchise like Alien or Star Wars.

There's Operators menu that lets the player customize any table he or she owns. Customization includes allocation of table elements and special rules. For example, the player can adjust certain elements to appear only after a certain amount of points is gained.


Pinball FX 2 includes several multiplayer options, both online and local. In the local mode, the players use the split screen. To win in the multiplayer mode, a player has to score a specified amount of points before his or her rival.

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