New York, Manhattan Peninsula (very detailed), our days. The townspeople are struck by a mutation that turns people into bloodthirsty monsters.

The protagonist of the game is a seemingly unremarkable young man named Alex Mercer. At the beginning of the game, we know little about him, but it's still more than he knows about himself - Alex does not remember anything, does not even know that he has super abilities.

Abilities are very useful to him, because he will have to stop the epidemic and at the same time hide from the army, police and mercenaries.


Alex comes to the senses in Ghentec's morgue, located in its Manhattan headquarters. Apparently, the reason for his awakening was the noise produced by mercenaries of the organization Blackwatch, trying to break open the doors of this headquarters.

Alex tries to hide, run away. The mercenaries try to stop him, but Alex discovers in himself one by one amazing abilities - he is not harmed by bullets, he can jump high, throw heavy objects, run on the walls of buildings. And he can "absorb" people, taking their appearance and gaining knowledge about everything that the absorbed people know and remember. For example, after the takeover of one of the commanders of Blackwatch, Alex finds out that he has a sister.

Alex finds his sister and learns from her (this time without absorption) that he was an important employee of the company, at the headquarters of which we met him at the beginning of the game. Alex's job duties included working with biological weapons.

During the game, the army and the police consider Alex guilty of creating and spreading the virus, Blackwatch pursues Alex for other reasons, and Alex himself tries to stop the mutants and other opponents with all the power of their super abilities. Soon it turns out that among these superpowers there is the ability to turn his body into almost anything, including weapons, shield and armor.


All of Manhattan from the very beginning of the game is open for the game. Outside of Manhattan, however, you can not get out. The player can follow the story, and can perform separate missions. Due to the presence of super abilities, the hero can move both horizontally and on walls. But not as an insect, but just running. Falling from the height does not hurt Alex, so he can use this trick to defeat opponents - literally falling on their heads.

Alex can jump very high, and manage to plan in the air.

Alex fights, using the ability of his body to transform. His hands can turn into sledgehammers, blades, whips or shields. He can instantly increase the volume of his body's muscles to increase their strength - in normal mode, such a mass would have prevented him, so he does not wear all these muscles all the time. His skin can be turned into armor. He can also see in the dark and distinguish mutants from normal people by eyes.

All abilities can also be improved as you progress in the game and perform various tasks.

In addition to the super powers of the body, the hero uses assault rifles, machine guns, grenade launchers, rocket launchers, captures infantry combat vehicles, tanks, helicopters and uses their weapons.

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