Many years later, the world was polluted by viruses, and human beings suffered from genetic mutations. Only a few survivors survived.
Survivors in order to survive better, in order to save the infected world. So he began to join forces with survivors in other areas to build a "super fortress" belonging to human beings.
After years of human efforts, super aircraft, tanks, laser cannons, and heavy armed forces such as super mechs have finally been developed. There are also strengths that can compete with genetic variants.
In this world of life and death, we call it "the end times". In this "Battle of the Last Days", is it that humans have eliminated the mutants, or will the world be destroyed?
Now "Super Fortress" is sending out an invitation signal to the whole world. Commanders are invited to come to support us and save our world together, so that the younger generation will not fight and survive in the era of "Peace and love".

Raid of Battlefield is a game with SLG+RPG as the core gameplay. In the game, players need to develop their own city and join other players to fight in alliance to dominate the world.

【Global server】
The global server structure allows players on all servers to freely interact, PK, and assist.
【Abundant Arms】
The game has tanks, air forces and other arms, as well as a variety of formations, in addition to hard power, it also tests the player's command ability.
【Mecha Warrior】
High-tech combat weapons, super combat power, enhanced changes in equipment parts, and the shape of different parts can be freely selected.
【Hero development】
Combat heroes can go out with the army or participate in defense, while improving combat attributes and combat effectiveness.
【Base expansion】
Players can customize the appearance of the base, as well as the interactive buildings in the big world.
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