Tearaway is a 3D platformer set in the world where everything is made out of the paper. It is the only title within the franchise. The remake for home consoles Tearaway: Unfolded, was released two years after the initial game.


The player takes a role of either Atoy or Yota — a male or a female character correspondingly and goes out for an adventure to deliver a letter to the outside world — personally in the hands of the player himself. The gameplay involves all of PS Vita specials: the rear touchpad, microphone, and both cameras.
The only obstacles in the way of the player are scraps — little papercraft creatures emerging from the ground from time to time.
There are drums, for instance, that bounce the papercraft protagonist into the air while the player snaps a rear touchpad. Moreover, the photos of a real environment can be used to decorate some of the in-game's elements — to sum up; one may stick as many stickers to the ground making the world look like his own. Some of the obstacles during the playthrough may be overcome by player blowing into the microphone and creating wind consequently by this.

Key features

The plot regularly breaks the fourth wall — a protagonist delivers a message directly to the player, and the latter has many means of communicating with him.

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