"Sony exclusives are mostly story driven experiences and Unfinished Swan is no exception. It’s a first-person adventure game about a young boy named Monroe, who recently lost his mother, famous artist known for not finishing a painting, adding up to the number of her incomplete works. And out of all her works, Monroe is permitted to keep only one favorite, a swan with a missing neck. And one night he wakes up to see the swan escape, and after the short chase players will find themselves in a painted unfinished world, finding the missing swan.
Over the course of the game, players will use a magic silver brush to spread the black paint over the blank and completely white environment, to locate a way to progress and solutions to puzzles, while the narrator tells a story of a Lonely King. Most of the environments and the painting tool are used to show players, that Unfinished Swan is more of a narrative experience, where puzzles are not stopping your progress entirely, but act as an obstacle. There is no active combat in the game, so the actions of the player will wholly dictate the pace and completion.