Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands - the tenth game in a series of military tactical shooters with an open world, dedicated to the adventures of the special purpose squad "Ghosts."

In the title of the series is the name of Tom Clancy - the author of super popular thrillers on military topics. Clancy is known for the ability to combine a tense plot with a detailed exposition of the details of military life, high realism of the narrative. In a series of these games, he served as a screenwriter.

Players play as members of the Ghosts, an elite group of fighters performing special missions in the army of the United States.

The game takes place in Bolivia, which is represented by the place where the drug cartel of Santa Blanca has much more power than the government. Thanks to cartel, this country is the largest supplier of drugs in the world. The power of a criminal group adversely affects the entire situation in the region. The US government sends an elite special unit "Ghosts" to investigate corruption links and destroy the drug cartel.

The game uses a third party perspective. A first-person view is also possible - this option is used for aiming.