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Awakened from his daydream by a falling star crashing into a far-off island, the sailor changes his heading and sets off to investigate. After landing on the island, the sailor crosses paths with a shifty old shaman who steals their pet plant.

Using cunning, guile and skill the sailor must aid the shaman with a mysterious ritual and help restore the island to its former glory. Only then can the treasured plant be returned and the sailor's journey recommenced.

Fulfil the prophecy
  • Make your own path in this island sandbox, you never know what will be around the next corner!
  • Help the shaman restore the island to its former glory.
  • Solve interesting puzzles to get your hands on required items.
  • Run faster, jump higher, fall slower, anything is possible if you're holding the right item.
  • Each object you pick up could end up being the key to something bigger.