Welcome to the world of Warcraft, a fantastic universe where terrifying Orcs face noble Humans in a struggle for survival and domination. Capable of using a variety of weapons and devastating magic, these two armies will use all their strategy, intelligence and brute force to confront each other.

Destroy the Orc hordes or crush the pathetic Humans ... the choice is yours.
My lord ?
Stormwind Castle overlooks the lands you have sworn to defend.
These Orc raiders could destroy your city. Gather your troops to push them back.
You have won ! Cries of victory ring out as the last Orc collapses to the ground.
Stop touching me!
Prepare devilish strategies to wreak havoc on your Human enemies.
Defend your village against the ruthless onslaught of these armies of Pallid Dogs.
Admire the destruction you have sown and the unrecognizable corpses of your enemies!
Build and manage your own medieval fort.
Two player mode in LAN.
Control the noble humans or the lawless orcs.
Dozens of scripted campaigns with two distinct stories.
More than 20 additional scenarios, customizable for endless replayability.
Control unique creatures, like Demons, Elementals, Necromancers, Archers or Spearmen.
A soundtrack rich in typical Warcraft music.

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