Wipeout 64 is a 1998 futuristic racing game developed by Psygnosis and published by Midway Games for the Nintendo 64. It is the third game in the Wipeout series and remains the only one published on a Nintendo console. At the time of the game's release, developer Psygnosis had been owned for five years by Sony Computer Entertainment, for whose hardware all subsequent Wipeout games have been released exclusively.

Set in 2098, a year after Wipeout 2097, Wipeout 64 introduced several new elements to the Wipeout series including analogue control which benefited from the Nintendo 64's controller, new weapons, teams and tracks. The game received mixed opinions from critics. Comparing the game with F-Zero X, which was released a month earlier, many critics praised the game for its individuality among the Wipeout series, offering more tracks and racing craft, unique atmosphere and "superior track design". However, the game was criticised for its slow frame rate, and opinion is divided whether Wipeout 64 is a 'true sequel' to Wipeout XL.