Create the vast floating universe for the upcoming Worlds Adrift!

Worlds Adrift will feature a sprawling open world of shattered islands. As part of our open development philosophy we want to engage you, our players, in creating this beautiful universe together with us.

For the first time ever in an MMO Worlds Adrift lets you, the players, shape the world that everyone will explore. Every region of the world will feature hand-crafted islands full of unique artistry and creativity. This will make its universe a richer, more varied place to explore than a procedurally generated approach could achieve.Help Create a Living WorldDesign your very own island for the chance to see it in the final game. Hundreds of islands are already being discovered by real players right now - when will someone explore yours?Design ModeCreated by the team as an internal tool to craft islands, the Island Creator is robust and allows you to use a diverse set of models and textures to create something unique.Craft GameplayBeyond crafting an island that is visually expressive, you can place loot spawn points and design puzzles for players to solve. With the Island Creator you are both artist and designer.Play ModeSwitch to play mode and explore your island from a player’s perspective, all within the tool.

Browse Steam Workshop to discover islands that have already been submitted by the community, ready for you to test and rate. Design your island and help create the Worlds Adrift universe!

Think you can do better? Submit yours today!
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