On January, 26 2021 17:13 (UTC) (in 3 years) at the Regular Phase of the cs_summit 7 Counter-Strike 2 Championship mousesports and Heroic will play a match

Teams had no previous encounters.

Team mouz will be represented by Dexter, acoR, frozen, ropz, Bymas. Whereas Team Heroic is by nicoodoz, sjuush, Nertz, TeSeS, kyxsan.

Team mouz is ranked # among Counter-Strike 2 teams in ENSI.Rank which is 12 places higher than Heroic place #12.

Heroic doing well by winning over 50.00% of their recent matches. While team mouz performs with 50.00% winrate.

mouz current streak is 1 loses against Heroic's 2 wins.