On July, 08 2021 18:13 (UTC) (2 years ago) Natus Vincere will fight against Renegades in the Regular Stage of the IEM Cologne 2021 Season XVI (ex ESL One) Counter-Strike 2 Championship

Teams had no previous encounters.

Team Na'Vi is placed #6 among Counter-Strike 2 teams in ENSI.Rank which is 6 places lower than RNG place #.

Team Na'Vi will be represented by s1mple, electronic, boombl4, sdy, Perfecto. Whereas Team RNG is by Sico, aliStair, Ins, Malta, Hatz.

Na'Vi current streak is 1 loses against RNG's 3 loses.

Na'Vi current winrate is 50.00% against RNG's 60.00%.