On September, 29 2021 19:03 (UTC) (in 2 years) Astralis and Endpoint will carry out a match at the Regular Phase of the 2021 Intel Extreme Masters Season XVI Fall Europe Counter-Strike 2 Tournament

Team Astralis (rank #10) is 114 places above EP (rank #124).

Team Astralis will be represented by dev1ce, stavn, Jabbi, br0, Staehr. Whereas Team EP is by Surreal, CRUC1AL, MiGHTYMAX, AZUWU, cej0t.

Before this match team Astralis had won over team EP 1 times, while Endpoint had 0 victories over Astralis.

Astralis current winrate is 50.00% against EP's 30.00%.

Astralis had 2 loses in a row. Whereas team EP had 2 wins.