On April, 12 2023 14:32 (UTC) (in 1 year) within Regular Phase of the 2023 BLAST. TV Paris Major 2023: European RMR B Counter-Strike 2 Championship 9INE and Team Vitality will carry out a clash

Team 9INE (rank #150) is 147 places beyond Vitality (rank #3).

Teams had no previous encounters.

9INE match line-up is raalz, refrezh, mantuu, Misutaaa, s0und.
Vitality line-up is apEX, ZywOo, flameZ, Spinx, mezii.

9INE current winrate is 40.00% against Vitality's 60.00%.

9INE had 2 loses in a row. Whereas team Vitality had 1 loses.